Tumble Tots Kindergarten makes a promise to families that each and every day we will give your child – “the best start in life”.  Our centre is small and feels like home, it is a safe place for families. Every child is a unique individual, who must be respected and treated equally regardless of gender, race, religion, culture diversity or individual ability. We recognise the value and significance of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and promote understanding of Indigenous cultures into our everyday routines.

We strongly believe in the importance of learning through play: Play is the work of the child. Through play, a variety of skills can be learnt: children can extend their interests, build social skills and roles, understand themselves in relation to others, make sense of their world, express their emotions, be creative, use their imaginations, take risks, problem solve, explore, experiment, investigate and more!

We want to instill in your child a love of learning, a love of nature and the outdoors and the ability to be resilient. 

We respect and value our families and believe that together we can foster a child's independence, belief in oneself and confidence for their well-being by fostering a positive approach to learning, self-discipline and self-esteem. We will work continuously alongside families to ensure the needs of each child are met. 

 Educators will support each other and work as a team to deliver a high quality service and will accept and adhere to the Australian Early Childhood Code of Ethics.

Laughter, Happiness, Kindness and Love are qualities we want to share with your family.